Still not decided with your New Year resolutions – Make your New Year a Healthy New Year

As another year passes by, you may be thinking about the resolutions you’d like to make for the upcoming year. Eating better, exercising more consistently, or spending more time with family are all great intentions to have. But if you’ve made New Year’s resolutions in the past, then you know: The hard part is turning resolutions into commitments. One way we have thought to help you is by letting you subscribe to our monthly newsletter by clicking here and then we take up the responsibility of reminding you of your resolutions, every time you go off path. Also, some other things that you may do is design your new world around your New Year resolutions, something like setting up your mobile/desktop wallpaper, putting regular reminders for next one year in your phone and discussing your resolutions with your friends, family and your doctor.
Quit smoking and drinking:  Quitting smoking and drinking is a popular and important New Year’s resolution for a healthier lifestyle. It could even help you keep other resolutions like sleeping well, learning something new and maintaining a positive outlook towards your life. It is definitely not easy but very necessary step towards a healthier you.


Regular health checkups: There are many reasons to weave a regular health checkup into your fitness lifestyle. One of the most important reasons is to prevent any disease. With regular check-ups, the doctor can identify these problems and suggest immediate treatment based on the individual’s condition. Some diseases can be very subtle and may not show their signs or symptoms until they reach the next level. This is why you need to see your doctor regularly, especially if you live a kind of lifestyle that can expose you to such risks. Health checks vary from person to person, based on their sex, age, family health, and lifestyle. Health checks not only promote better health but also improve a patient-doctor relationship. The doctors can educate the patients about living a healthy life and how they can avoid dangerous habits such as alcoholism, tobacco addiction, binge eating, inactivity etc.

Shed that extra weight: This is a very popular new year and there is a reason we did not keep this in the top 😛 (we did not want to remind of all past years when you forgot about sticking to this resolution). The resolution of losing weight would talk about you improving on lot of other habits that leads to increase in your weight like healthy eating, exercising and maintain active lifestyle. Instead of setting vague goals like losing 20 pounds, make your hopes a reality with some of subtle diet tweaks like taking a real lunch break, even if it’s short, saying no to sugar, white-bread and alcohol, maintaining a healthy breakfast calendar, including green veggies, fruits, nuts and pulses in your daily meal, etc. The process of losing weight starts not in gym, but in kitchen. So lets get started with it this year.
Exercise regularly: As a doctor, this is something I see every January. Full of good intentions, people flood into the gym to get started on new, healthier lifestyles, however with time, the interest just fads away. There is a principle in exercise science called FITTE. It is an acronym for frequency, intensity, time, type, and enjoyment. I find the ‘E’ to often be the most important variable.If you look forward to (or at least do not actively hate) a particular physical activity, do it. If you like tennis, find an indoor court. If you like dancing, look into dance-based workouts like Zumba. Do whatever will make you move. Just because you know things like running and jumping are great cardio does not mean they have to be your thing.

Sleep well: One New Year resolution that would fuel you sticking with other resolution is this one, which often goes unnoticed. Sleep is essential to maintaining your physical and mental health and wellbeing but less and less of us are getting an adequate amount of sleep (a third of us get by on as little as five to six hours a night). The start of a new year is an ideal time to assess your sleep quality and change any old habits that hampering your zzzs. Remember when you sleep well, you will ultimately be more motivated to eat better and move more but also you feel less stressed, think more clearly, your mood will improve and you will generally be more happier!
Have some family time: Our working days are so jam-packed, that our wish – to finally find some time for the more important things in life – is often set aside. Even with structured work routines it’s often hard to complete what we’ve set out to do, as our daily tasks go through many hands and often rely on various influencing factors. Making your family better, stronger, more harmonious may not require a complete overhaul, but rather a few strategic tweaks like regular family meetings/talks/get together or reminding everyone about old family tradition or just simply having a video call with one far-far away. Believe me, these things seem small, but form the essence of life.
Learn something new: This one is particularly about your brain, when we have talked about everything else. It is important to keep it working, just to avoid it getting rusted. You may figure out few new upcoming skills like coding, designing, blogging, a new language or it may just as simple as gardening and weeding. Think about such 3-4 skills that you will learn this year and when you finish learning those skills, you will see the positivity in you. You would be able to brag in front of your friends, earn some extra money or just find the passion that really interests you. Learning is a never ending process and thinking about it right in the beginning of the year would not just make it a new year but a good year. 
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