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Dr. Praveen Sarda is an Orthopaedic surgeon trained in India and the UK. He was a consultant in Manchester for many years before coming back in 2019 and now provides his expertise in India and abroad. He is currently one of the best qualified orthopaedic surgeons in India.

In addition to general orthopaedic problems, he has special expertise in dealing with Shoulder and elbow problems ranging from fractures to sports injuries and arthritis. He is therefore able to provide a one-stop solution to anyone with these problems.

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2 decades of practical experience working at the highest level as a consultant in the UK National Health Service (NHS)

One Stop Solution

For all your joint problems ranging from ligament repairs to healing fractures to joint replacement for arthritis

Modern International Treatments

Each treatment programme and rehabilitation is customised to your needs based on the best international practices

Common conditions that he routinely treats include:

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Dr. Sarda is highly-skilled and well-versed with the latest treatment protocols. His training and experience makes him one of the best orthopaedic surgeons in Ahmedabad to handle sports injuries, fractures and joint replacement surgery. One of the most experienced sports injury doctor in Ahmedabad, he is known to give personal attention to every patient and make a customized treatment plan. He has the relevant experience and expertise to deliver the best results to the patients using whatever method is best for them.

Shreyam Hospital is a state of the art centre fully equipped to be a one stop solution for patients with joint pain. Reimbursement facility is available for all companies, and those wanting cashless facility can avail his expertise at many corporate Hospitals across Ahmedabad.

His resume and previous work reflect outstanding academic and practical skills!

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Dr. Sarda is a leading orthopedic surgeon with over 20 years of international experience

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